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Mar. 27, 2019  Filed Appellant's Reply Brief which further developed arguments regarding juror misconduct, prosecution racism in jury selection, perjured testimony against Mr. Ervin, & failure of defense to present a viable defense. Ervin v. Davis, U.S. Court of Appeals (9th. Cir.) No. 16-99010 (ECF 63). 

Aug. 26, 2018 Filed 118-page Opening Brief raising issues of abuse by prosecution, racism, ineffectiveness of defense counsel. Ervin v. Davis, U.S. Court of Appeals (9th. Cir.) No. 16-99010 (ECF 44). 

Feb. 22, 2018 Order granting review of issues of prosecutorial abuse, racism. Order, Ervin v. Davis, U.S. Court of Appeals (9th. Cir.) No. 16-99010 (ECF 33).

Feb. 18, 2018 French TV is introducing a new film regarding the denial of a fair trial to Keith Doolin and his innocence. "California Death-Row Inmate's Story of Innocence Will Be Shown In An Unlikely Place," Fresno Bee.;(see also "San Quentin Death Row Inmate Featured On French TV, Marin Independent Journal," Feb. 18, 2018.

July 10, 2017 Reply To Opposition relating to racism, etc. Ervin v. Davis (ECF 32), U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. 

Dec. 3, 2016 We filed a 197-page Motion for Certificate of Appealability in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Ervin v. Davis, No. 16-99010 (ECF 13). This capital case has strong constitutional issues, e.g., ineffective assistance of trial counsel, jury error, prosecutorial misconduct.

Nov. 16, 2016  This is a piece published in Europe concerning a documentary film being developed on the innocence of Keith Z. Doolin, a death-row client.

Oct. 27, 2016 Filed an unusual motion in Doolin v. Davis, U.S. Dist. Ct. (E.D. Cal.) No. 1:09-CV-01353 (ECF 187), seeking evidence of innocence (Motion for Order Permitting Former Counsel for Josefina Saldana, Deceased, To (1) Disclose To Petitioner’s Attorneys the Information In His Possession Bearing On Their Client’s Innocence, and (2) Be Deposed). 

March 25, 2016 An article regarding the innocence of one of our clients, Keith Z. Doolin, is in the Fresno Bee: "Fresno Lawyer's Secret Could Lead To New Trial for Death Row Inmate." Pamala Sayasane, co-counsel, & I have discovered evidence of his innocence. This issue is now pending before the California Supreme Court.

June 9, 2015 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit reversed the death penalty in the case of Terry D. Bemore whom I have represented since 1998. He languished on death row for 26 years because of the failings of his lawyers at the San Diego trial. That included a false defense concocted by one of the attorneys & a poor investigation. This was a great victory. Bemore v. Chappell, ___ F.3d ___, 2015 WL 3559153 (June 9, 2015).

Jan. 20, 2015 Press conference, Kamenz, Germany, on the presentation of the book Das Jahrhundertverbrechen: Die Entführung des Lindbergh-Babys. It contains the death-row memoir of Richard Hauptmann: Mutter, Ich Bin Unschuldig! (Mother, I Am Innocent). He was executed in 1936 in New Jersey for the Lindbergh kidnap-murder. I wrote a lengthy contribution to the book regarding his innocence, having uncovered over 100,000 pages of exculpatory evidence suppressed by the NJ State Police & FBI. I represented Anna Hauptmann, Mr. Hauptmann's widow, for the last 15 years of her life, in federal & state litigation in New Jersey. Officials knew Mr. Hauptmann was innocent when they put him in the electric chair.

Sept. 10, 2014 Bemore v. Chappell, No. 12-99005 (death penalty) - My associate, Cheryl J. Cotterill, & I presented oral argument in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, San Francisco. The issues include the fraud of trial counsel, presenting a false defense, & failure to investigate & present evidence of the client's debilitating mental illness. The video is at

Aug. 4, 2014 People v. Carrasco, 59 Cal.4th 924 (2014) (death penalty) - In this double-homicide case that originated in Los Angeles, the California Supreme Court reversed two special circumstances but let the convictions stand.  The related habeas corpus petition in litigation concerns the client's innocence.

May 29, 2014 People v. Carrasco, 59 Cal.4th 924 (2014) (death penalty) - My associate, Cheryl J. Cotterill, & I presented oral argument in the California Supreme Court. The evidence we have developed establishes that our client is innocent.

Jan. 22, 2014 ABC TV News.

Jan. 30, 2013 The Recorder newspaper re judicial misconduct.

Jan. 10, 2013 Killer's Wish Led To Landmark Ruling, San Francisco Chronicle.

Sept. 24, 2012 Death Row Inmates Oppose Prop. 34

Aug. 27, 2012 In re Bacigalupo, 55 Cal.4th 312, 283 P.3d 613 (death penalty) - This reversal by the California Supreme Court concerned a prosecutor & DA investigator who lied to the court & jury. As a consequence of their wrongdoing, the defendant spent over 25 years on death row. I established through an extensive investigation that evidence was concealed which would have changed the outcome of the trial. The prosecutor later became a judge based in part on the fraud she & her investigator committed in the case. Ex-Prosecutor, Now Judge, Hid Evidence

Jan. 2012 Berlin GermanyCuba Si (Cuba 5) video interview during annual Rosa Luxemburg memorial (2011).

Jan. 9-12, 2012 Kamenz (near Dresden), Germany - TV interview, speeches, & meetings, with Nicole Gibier Bryan, on the 1935 Trial of the Century & 1936 execution of Richard Hauptmann. A book is being written.

Dec. 8, 2011 Berlin, Germany - Speech on death penalty, Junge Welt newspaper.

Oct. 24, 2011 Berlin, Germany - Speech by Nicole Bryan on human rights.

Sept. 6, 2011 Leonard Peltier given human-rights award.

Aug. 2011 Book release, The Grace of Everyday Saints, featuring Robert R. Bryan.;

July 7, 2011 Native News Network - "Leonard Peltier In 'the Hole' at Lewisburg Prison."

June 12, 2011 Reims, France - Speech, Human Rights League Congress, joined by Geo. Aguilar, Amer. Indian actor (Paris).

May 24-28, 2011 Berlin, Germany - Meetings & speeches for Leonard Peltier, AIM, joined by Nicole Bryan, Int'l Legal Liaison.

May 11, 2011 AIM-West, Oakland - Speech on Leonard Peltier.

April 30, 2011 Paris - Speech on behalf of Leonard Peltier.

April 26, 2011 Abu-Jamal's death penalty reversed - The brief Bryan filed July 28, 2010 as then-lead counsel in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Philadelphia, established that the trial judge unconstitutionally instructed the jury.

April 3, 2011 Lewisburg, PA - Bryan named lead counsel for Leonard Peltier, the AIM activist who has been imprisoned 35 years for the killing of two FBI agents, Pine Ridge Reservation, So. Dakota.

Feb. 7, 2011 Private meeting on human rights & the death penalty with Markus Löning, German Commissioner for Human Rights, Peter Rothen, Consul General, & associate Nicole Bryan; attended a reception in the Consul General residence.

Jan. 25, 2011 Univ. of Calif. at Davis School of Law - Speech on the death penalty.

Jan. 8, 2011 Rosa Luxemburg Conf., Berlin - Speech on the death penalty & the need for all to work together to free political prisoners, citing the words of Bertolt Brecht.

Oct. 22, 2010 Int'l Conf. for the Defense & Struggle for Political Prisoners, Copenhagen - Speech & meetings with Nicole Bryan.

Oct. 21, 2010 Int'l Bar Ass'n, Human Rights Institute, London - Roundtable discussion on the death penalty & racial discrimination in the U.S. 

Oct. 6, 2010 European Parliament, Brussels - Bryan, Sabine Kebir, German author & PEN member, Barbara Lochbihler, MP (Germany), & Amnesty Int'l in debate sponsored by Heinrich Böll-Stiftung ("What role the EU should play in the fight against the death penalty?"). Bryan gave an afternoon speech before a Plenary Session of Parliament, European United Left/Nordic Green Left, & TV interviews with MPs Sabine Lösing (Germany) & Ms. Lochbihler in appeals for Parliament to vote against death penalty.

Oct. 5, 2010 European Parliament, Brussels - Showing of the award-winning movie "In Prison My Whole Life" with discussion by Bryan & Sabine Lösing, Member of Parliament (Germany).

June 10, 2010 Karibu Education Centre, London - Press conference on racism & campaign to end executions.

Mar. 2, 2010 European Parliament, Brussels - Parliament members Søren Søndergaard (Denmark) & Sabine Lösing (Germany) announced a campaign to end executions. They were joined by Sabine Kebir, German author & PEN member, Nicole Bryan, & Bryan.

Feb. 24-26, 2010 World Congress Against the Death Penalty, Geneva - During a panel discussion spoke of racism in capital cases. On the final night Mumia Abu-Jamal made a surprise call to Bryan & spoke on behalf of the 20,000 men, women & children on death rows globally.

Feb. 23, 2010 Int'l Film Festival & Forum on Human Rights, Geneva - Following the showing of "Manners of Dying", Bryan talked about the importance of films in fight for human rights & against death penalty.

Jan. 9, 2010 Rosa Luxemburg Conf., Berlin - Speech on human-rights abuses around the world & announced the launching of petition Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Global Abolition of the Death Penalty.


Robert R. Bryan specializes globally in human-rights litigation with an emphasis on defending people facing the death penalty. He and his priminary associates may be contacted at:

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